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Preston Mosque

A space of prayer and community

■About the design of the mosque
This facility serves as a regional landmark, combining prayer and community space.
We designed it as an icon that is both nostalgic and reminiscent of ancient times, yet represents a building of a new era.
The design vocabulary is the circle, which is a perfect geometry that symbolizes God, and instead of a highly centripetal design with a strong axis, the design creates a soft, rounded impression that is equivalent from any angle, creating a sense of sublimity. We have created an architectural symbol of tolerance.
I hope that your heart will spread like ripples spreading.

■Space configuration
Volumes such as the size of the circle and ceiling height vary depending on the function of the room.
It has a spatial configuration in which multiple volumes come together to form a center and spread out radially.
Each volume is connected by a corridor, with a glass cylinder in the center creating a bright space throughout.

■Decarbonization, energy saving
Our policy is to use local building materials as much as possible and use technologies such as carbon-free concrete to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
We will actively use energy-saving lighting equipment, air conditioning ventilation equipment, water supply and drainage equipment, etc.
We are also considering installing solar power on the rooftop and operating the facility using natural energy.
The plan is to cover part of the parking lot with a roof and install additional solar panels to cover the missing area.

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