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about us

We have been involved with many people through our work in architectural design.

It has also been our job to solve various lifestyle problems.

It can be said that our work is a footprint of constant improvements in how architecture should respond to changes in people's lifestyles and protect them from difficult natural disasters.


Today, the world is undergoing major changes.

How to respond to factors such as population decline, abnormal weather, viral pandemics, and unstable politics and economics is also an issue.

We believe that architecture needs to continue to evolve.


We have had the opportunity to design many houses, and we have been fortunate enough to have experienced narrow lots, deformed lots, disadvantages in terms of lighting and views, and low costs.

This gave us the opportunity to draw out various solutions and to be involved in the use of new materials and product development.

These strengths have been accumulated as technologies that can be applied not only to housing but also to various spaces used by "people.


In recent years, we have received planning requests not only from the general public but also from construction and development companies, and we are expanding our work in the area of consulting, utilizing our strengths in proposal and design.

The number of visitors from overseas has reached nearly 50, and is expected to increase in the future.

We would like to expand the scope of our work from Japan to overseas and to buildings of various uses.


Currently, we have three pillars of work: Architecture, Design Proposal, and Product.

We aim to be a tough team that can handle various phases of work while complementing each other.

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