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Nagano Child Development Support Center

A place for play that develops individuality

It is an open environment with a view of the mountains in the distance.
It can also be said to be an environment suitable for raising children in a carefree manner.
It is positioned as a place to disseminate information as a facility that develops the development and individuality of children throughout the region.
We propose creating an environment that is safe, where children can play freely at any time, and where they can develop their individuality.

■Separate people and cars in buildings
Place a parking lot on the road side to avoid running out from the back facility area onto the road

■ Corridor flow line that is not affected by the weather
By setting up corridors on both sides, we will create a flow line that allows for movement even in rain or snow.

■Gallery wall open to the community
It will be a facility open to the community, including exhibitions of children's works and information.

■Two playgrounds that encourage action
 Two playgrounds, a rockery zone and a lawn garden zone, are located across the facility to encourage action.

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