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Tenri city ready-built houses

skip floor house

We created the basic design for a pre-built house at the request of a construction company in Nara Prefecture.

It is a 30 tsubo site with a 16m road on the west side and monthly parking lots on the south and north sides.
The disadvantage of having a one-car garage is that there is no room for a garden.
To compensate for this shortcoming, we created a roof balcony on the roof to create an external space that can replace a garden.
The overall configuration uses a skip floor, where the front and rear spaces are connected by being offset by half a floor.
From the LDK, you can always see the roof garden and the children's room floor, and from the master bedroom, you can see the children's room, entrance, and garage floor all connected.
Under the master bedroom, there is underfloor storage with a ceiling height of 1.4m, allowing for multi-purpose use.
The unique spatial configuration and roof balcony that cannot be seen anywhere else has made this a home that you will want to invite people to.

There was a common belief that skip floor type homes would not sell well, but luckily the house sold quickly here, so we built a second building with skip floors as well.
The interior is a style that makes use of the texture of wood, which is a characteristic of this construction company.
A home was created that takes advantage of the strengths of our company and the construction company.

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