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Shioya Village

Elderly + experiential amenity complex

The site is located near the Shojinzawa springs and is surrounded by rich nature.
The aim is to create a synergistic effect by combining rental housing with services for local seniors and experiential amenity facilities.

Elderly care facilities and experiential amenity facilities are located around a corridor with a round pond.
There are four buildings facing the corridor: a workshop, a music practice room, a library, and a hearth.
At the back of this area are facilities such as an outdoor plaza, cottages, restaurants, restrooms, and a tree house.
It is a nature experience facility that provides a place to experience nature, gather, play, and learn.
It is intended to be used by families and young people, and will evoke real emotion in sensibilities accustomed to virtual things.

The idea is for the elderly to actively participate in orchards, fields, and breeding so that they can have a sense of purpose and enthusiasm in life.
We are thinking of fishing in the Maruike pond, making free use of the craft room and music practice room, cooking in the hearth room, and using the library as a shared study room for gatherings.

The outdoor plaza can be used for concerts and events, and the layout is distributed in a village-like manner so that cottages and stores can be added as the number of users increases.

We aim to create a facility that makes people think, ``I want to live in a facility like this when I get old.''

●Rental housing for the elderly with services: 20 to 25 beds and a spacious lounge.
The surrounding area includes areas such as orchards, fields, and chicken coops.
●Maruike: This is an artificial pond with fish such as carp and rainbow trout. It is a viewing pond where you can also fish.
●Corridor: A passageway that connects the elderly facility and the experiential amenity facility. We are thinking of using it as a walkway, where you can come and go without getting wet in the rain, sit on a bench and take a break.
●Library: The library is positioned as a study room that everyone can use, mainly containing the resident's collection of books and donated library materials.
●Irori: A tatami room with a hearth. It also has a cooking area, and is a place for gatherings and passing on traditional culture.
●Workshop: We are considering the role of the workshop as a hands-on classroom for woodworking and various other hobbies.
●Music practice room: A variety of donated musical instruments are available and can be used freely.
●Restaurant: The image is of distinctive cuisine using local ingredients.
●Cottage…Accommodation facility. Depending on the season, we also rent camping equipment.
●Store: Sales of local products, souvenirs, and food.
●Outdoor plaza…place for concerts, events, sports, and recreation.
●Tree house…An experiential outdoor facility.

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