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Nakano complex

Overlapping artificial ground

Cities have increased their value by becoming highly concentrated.
There is also a concept called rental ratio for buildings to quantify it.
However, how close should we be?
In the post-corona era, we are rather looking for a moderate distance.
Perhaps it is time for us to stop and reconsider.

It is believed that a building has an upper limit on its capacity, and the more the capacity is filled, the more value is extracted from the land, but is this really the case?
It's just the size of the area, not the attractiveness.
In this plan, we challenged the theme of bringing out the charm of the site by including the external space, just as a house has a garden.

By layering two layers of artificial ground that corresponds to the land, the visible scenery changes and the appeal of the site increases.
Although the elements of the tenants inside will change, the elements of the space obtained at that location will continue to be inherited.
This project allows the exterior to be an extension of the interior, even on the upper floors.

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