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Narashino ready-built housing

Rediscovering steep slopes

We are planning to build a pre-built house in a part of a mountain forest in Narashino City, Chiba Prefecture.
In order to build a building on a slope, it is first necessary to investigate the ground conditions.
We estimated the approximate ground condition from nearby ground data and considered several methods of ground improvement.
As a result of the study, the options of columnar improvement and steel pipe piles were selected.
Column-shaped improvements were judged to be the most appropriate in terms of cost comparison and ease of construction.
Although the acquisition cost of the site was significantly lower, the impact of ground improvement costs on the business plan was compared and examined.
The greatest strength of the potential of the site, which is on a steep slope, is that it guarantees a view to the front and the natural environment of the mountain at the back.
Traditionally, ready-built houses were built based on the logic of the builder, dividing flat land into clusters, but the use of sloped land with an emphasis on views is not necessarily suitable for a society that is transitioning to a lifestyle of remote work. I think this will create value beyond just the land near the station.

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