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Ofunato house

paneled inner garden house

We created the basic design for a house at the request of a construction company in Iwate.

The site is located on a hill with views of the ocean to the north and east.
This is a home for a mother and son, but it is planned as a two-family home with an eye on the future marriage of the son.
Because both parents and children work together, the plumbing is located on the first floor, and there is also a laundry room attached.
The open-air LDK is connected to the covered inner garden, creating a sense of spaciousness and freedom.
By enclosing the house with a single large roof that includes the inner garden, the exterior space becomes an extension of the interior and is integrated with the solar panels.
It meets ZEH standards, has easy-to-use flow lines, and has a variety of places to be, making it a home that you'll want to invite people to.

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